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Did your workplace make you ill? Are you unable to work because of a physical or mental disability? Did your employer ignore your request for help? You could be entitled to Workers Compensation. Provided you meet certain conditions, you could be entitled to free medical care, lost wages, or temporary or total disability payments.

You do not just have to take whatever your boss is willing to give you.

CoxFedLaw has been helping those who are being denied their liberty or benefits by the powerful for over 25 years. Although most say that they care about their client's welfare, Gene Cox has dedicated his practice to helping working people with top-notch legal assistance. He does not believe that, if you are ill or injured because of your work, you should be denied benefits because you can't afford an attorney. That is why CoxFedLaw does not charge a legal fee unless you able to obtain a successful result.

Gene Cox will fight for your rights with your employer and its insurance companies. He is also a very experienced litigator and will guide you through the Virginia Workers Compensation and Disability process, which may include appearing before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. His experience and skills will work for you to ensure that you can return to enjoying your life without the financial worry caused by your disability.

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Picking a Workers Compensation lawyer is one of the most important decisions that you can make. You need a lawyer who has the skills and experience to take on the insurance companies and employers and has shown that he or she believes in the cause of working people receiving their just rewards. Schedule a free consultation about your workers compensation claim now!

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Virginia DUI Law

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